How to backup your Android phone locally “for free”

If you are commonly wiping off your phone data, probably due to a bug on your phone, you must feel a great loss if your phone data isn’t properly Backed up.

Google automatic backup isn’t effective either as you need to download previously installed apps upon restoration.

Although Android phones don’t come with a method to locally backup your Data to prevent accidental loss, you can locally backup your data, using the information contained in this post.

Another reason you may want to backup your data locally is if it contain sensitive information that cannot get into the wring hands, since cloud storage can be vulnerable but you have a full control of data stored locally.

This post teaches you how to backup your Android phone data locally.

Android local backup

Methods to backing up your Android phone data locally

The following method can be used to back up your Android phone locally without root

Method 1: Use Swift Backup

Swift backup is an android app that allows you to backup your files locally or to cloud storage, you can also set up automatic backup to either the cloud or to cloud storage.

This App is free to use if you are backing up your data to local storage, to backup your data to the cloud, you will need to subscribe to the premium version.

To begin, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1. Download Swiftbackup: Open Google playstore, search for “Swift backup” and hit install.

Step 2. Launch the App: Launch the App

You will need to grant storage access and sign in with your Google account to continue.

Step 3. Select “Backup All Apps”: Scroll down to Apps quick actions and select ” Backup all Apps”.

Step 4. Select Apps that need Backup: By default, all Apps will be ticked, you can untick the ones that don’t need backup.

Step 5. Configure Backup option: You can configure the Backup option by selecting the green button labelled “Backup options”.

You can select external data, media, expansion and apks, to select Data, your device needs to be rooted.

By default, Apps are Backup to internal storage, you can not save to an external SD card except you root your phone, to Backup your data to the cloud, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

Step 6. Select Backup: To begin the Backup process, you can click on the “Backup” button.

How to setup Automatic Backup (Local and Cloud)

To set up automatic Backup using Swift Backup, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to Schedule: From your Swift Backup Dashboard, go to “Schedule”.

Step 2. Select “Turn on Schedule”.

You will need to upgrade to premium to enable schedule/automatic backup

Method 2: Manual Backup

You can also backup your phone data manually, although you cannot schedule automatic backup for this method, and you can not back up your Apps unless you have the Apk version.

Step 1. Insert an external memory: You need to insert an external memory card to backup your data into.

Step 2. Open your file explorer: Open the  file explorer/manager on your android device, go to files>internal storage.

Step 3. Select folders: Select the folders you wish to copy, by long-pressing them and marking them.

Step 4. Copy the folders: Go to options to copy the folder by selecting copy.

Now, go back to the main file menu and select the external storage.

Once you are in the external storage, click on paste.

Your file should begin copying.

Once copied, you can then remove your external storage and keep it safe, and whenever you need the data, you can always restore it by following a similar process.

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