Twitter Rolls Out Automatic Captions for Videos on Android, iOS, And Web

Twitter is rolling out automatic captions for videos. The auto-captions feature will be available globally on all systems – iOS, Android, and the Web. The new auto-captions feature supports 37 languages.

Twitter announced that the auto-captions feature will start functioning on all devices – Android, iOS, and Web, starting from Wednesday and that it is currently in 37 languages.

The captions will show in the language of the device used to upload the clip originally since translation is not live on Twitter. Auto captions will appear on videos that are muted on both iOS and Android.

Desktop users, on the other hand, can switch them on and off. Hearing-challenged users can now watch videos on Twitter with auto-captions on, widening access to more users on the platform.

Twitter’s Auto-Captions feature will start functioning today, 15th December 2021, on iOS, Android, and Web.

“This auto-captions feature is a major boon for accessibility,” Twitter said. As earlier stated, the feature has started rolling on all devices worldwide. It will be available in most of the major languages which include Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Tamil, and 30 others.

It was also gathered that the social media company has added many noteworthy changes to its platform and Twitter Spaces recently. It has joined hands with Instagram to ease cross-posting with the launch of Twitter Card previews on Android, iOS, and the Web. It has also added a new privacy-related feature that lets users remove a follower without blocking them.

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