How to create and Submit a Meta (Facebook) App for review

Facebook (Meta) Apps give developers, marketers and business page owners more options to extend their Apps and page functionality with Facebook integrations.

You may need to create a Facebook app and submit it for review to connect to third-party software for your Facebook page, or to integrate Facebook options to your App or website

This post explains the steps to creating and submitting a Facebook (meta) app for review.

Meta/facebook app

Steps to create and submit Facebook (Meta) Apps for review

Follow the steps below to create and submit your Facebook app for review.

Step 1: On your PC, log in to Facebook at

Step 2: Go to Facebook for developers, using this link:

Step 3: Click on the “Menu” icon, and then “Get started” as shown below:

You will be taken to a page where you can register a Developer Account. Click on “Continue”.

You will be asked to review your primary contact address, confirm it by clicking “confirm email”. You may agree to receive marketing updates

You will be required to choose the best role that describes you, choose your preference and click on “Complete registration”.

Here, you will be taken to the “Developer Dashboard”.

Step 4: To create an App, click on “create App”, as can be seen on your Dashboard.

You will be required to choose an App type, choose according to your preference and click on “Next”.

You will need to fill in the App name, your preferred contact Email address and a Facebook (meta) business account if available. Then click on “Create App”.

You will be required to re-enter your password, do so and click on “Submit”.

Step 5: You will be taken to the “App product page” once you click “Submit”, from here, you can add Products to your App by clicking setup on each Product, to learn more about a product, read the Doc.

Step 6: To request for review, click on the “review” tab and then “requests”.

There will be a pop-up summarising the App review prerequisite and process. Go through it and click “Done”.

You may need to read the request samples, and common rejection errors before clicking on the “Request Permission or feature” Button.

Step 7: You will be taken to the “Permission and feature” page, where you can request a review for each feature listed.

You can scroll to the right to access more options for each app, click on the full description to learn more about the feature, and requirements to learn more about the app requirements.

Under the requirements, you may need to submit business verification and App verification. Click on each option to continue. Fill in the required information and click on “save” to continue.

You may be asked to select the platform.

Select all that applies and click “Next”. You will need to fill in additional information before you can add the platform.

Once you are done with the verification process, return back to review requests page, scroll to the right and click on the “Request Advanced Access” tab.

A button will appear at the top right corner of your screen, requesting you to continue with the request, clicking it may trigger a new dialogue box, choose the necessary options to continue.

You will be asked to complete verification details, click on the tab to continue.

You will a popup will appear, fill in the derail to continue.

More information may be required, click on them, fill in the details, and click on done to continue. Once done, you can click on the “submit for review” button to continue, it add more Apps and features to add more apps and features before submitting your App for verification.

You will be required to input your password to continue, input it and click “submit”.

The App verification review period should take a maximum of 7 days, you will receive updates in your registered email regarding the verification status.

I hope you find this information useful, kindly leave a comment if you had any question.

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