How to update all Pre-installed Android Apps

Android smartphones usually come with pre-installed apps that may be obsolete and need an update, this is because App developers usually have an update to fix a bug or add more functionalities to their Apps.

To keep your App running smoothly and to protect your device from security threats, keeping all apps on your phone updated is a good measure.

On Android, you can keep your Apps updated using different methods available, you can either do this manually from the app when update information is available or update it manually or automatically from the Google play store.

This post teaches you how to update all pre-installed apps on your Android device, either manually or Automatically.

Update Android Apps

Steps to Update pre-installed Android Apps

You can manually update an Android app by adhering to the steps below:

Step 1: Open the google play app and search for the App that needs to be updated, for example, I wish to Update the Boomplay Android App.

Step 2: Tap on the “Update” button that can be found beside the App icon.

The App Update should be downloaded after then, once installed, you would no longer see the “Update” button, rather, there would be an “Open” button as shown below:

How to see a list of Apps available for Update on your Android phone

To see a list of Apps available for Updates, and how to update them on your Android device, follow the steps below:

Steps 1: Open the Google Play App on your Android device and click on your profile picture.

Step 2: Click on “Manage Apps & Device”.

Go to manage.

Step 3: A list of installed apps will be displayed, go to “Update Available” by clicking on it.

A list of Apps Available for update will be displayed as shown below:

You can filter the list to be sorted by Name, most used, least used, recently updated and size, by clicking on the filter button.

Step 4: To view a detailed description of what to expect in the new update, click on the drawer icon beside each App.

To Update an App, check the box beside it, and a new option will appear on the upper window.

Click on the update icon as shown below.

Your App should start updating as shown below:

How To Automatically Update every App due for Update

To automatically update every App due for an update on your Android device, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the google play store app on your phone, and tap on your profile picture.

Step 2: From here, Go to manage Apps and device.

Step 3: A summary of every app available for update will be shown with an option to update all, click on the “update all” option.

Once your app starts updating, you should see this indication.

Note: It is recommended that you connect to a wifi network for an automatic update as this action can be data consuming.

I hope you find this information helpful, kindly leave a comment if you had any questions.

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