How to check and update your android version

Keeping your android version updated helps secure you from malicious attacks, it also keeps your phone running at its peak.

You may need to check the version of your android device and check for updates, the availability of updates may vary by phone manufacturers, while some manufacturers release regular updates, some smartphone Android versions can’t be updated upon release.

You can check the version of Android running on your smartphone from your device settings.

This post put you through the steps to check your smartphone Android version. and how to update it in case there is an available update

Android version

Steps to check and update your Android version

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and locate “About phone”.

To locate it faster, you can use the search bar that can be found on the upper part of the settings page.

Step 2: From here, you can see every information about your phone, including the Hardware information, model number, system version, secure OS version, phone status, legal information, the Android version, Android security patch level, Kernel version, and Build number.

Step 3: To see the made of your Android version, tap on it thrice.

That’s mine, Android 7 “Nougat”.

Other information that can be found in “About Phone”

Your IP Address: To know your IP address, go to “Status”.

Your IMEI Number: To locate your IMEI information, go to “Status”, then “IMEI Information”.

Your IMEI Information will be displayed as shown below:

Your RAM, ROM, and Other Hardware information: To check the RAM and ROM of your phone, go to “Hardware Information”

Your System Hardware information will be displayed as shown below, including the CPU Model, Number of cores, CPU frequency, ROM size, RAM size, and screen size.

How to Check for Android version Update

To check if an Android version update is available for your smartphone:

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and locate “System Updates” by scrolling towards the end.

Step 2: From here, you can check for updates, and download them.

Note: You may consider connecting to a wifi network as this process can be Data-intensive.

How often do Android phones get an Update?

Determining when your smartphone may get an update depends on the manufacturer, while some smartphones, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, and Google pixels get regular system updates, others (like my Gionee S10 lite) don’t get any Update Post Production.

You may find this information useful for Google pixels

And for other phone manufacturers, you may find this information useful.

I hope you find this information helpful, kindly leave a comment if you had a question.

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