How to change Android notification sound: Add custom notification

Notification sounds make our phone more lively, also, knowing when important updates are available may be impossible without notification sounds since we are not always in possession of our phone, starring at the screen.

You may have a favourite track that you wish to listen to often, setting it up as your notification tone for incoming calls can be a good idea. You may also grow bored of listening to the same notification sounds over again, or wish to differentiate the notification sounds for different Apps and actions.

You can customize and change your notification sound on Android by following the guides in this post.

I explained the steps involved in customizing and changing your notification sounds in this post.

Android notification.

How to change and customise Android notification sound

Step 1: To get started, open your “Settings” app and locate “Sound and Vibration”.

From here, you can adjust the volume.

You can customize the vibration behaviour.

You can change and customize the ringtones.

And you can customise tone for common actions.

Step 2: From the “Volume menu’, To disable all notification sound, you can flip on the silent button from the “Volume” menu.

To adjust the ringtone volume, you can increase or decrease the ringtone bar as shown below:

Moving to the right increases the volume, while moving to the left decreases it.

To adjust the media volume, You can also increase or decrease the “media volume” bar.

And to adjust the alarm volume, you can equally adjust the “Alarm volume” bar.

You can also adjust volumes by pressing the twin button beside your smartphone, the upper button represents "volume up" and the lower button represents "volume down". 

Step 3: From the vibration menu, you can enable vibration for incoming calls, vibrate on touch, and vibrate when using the fingerprint scanner.

Step 4: From the Ringtones menu, you can change the incoming call ringtone by clicking on the appropriate carrier if you have more than one sim card inserted into your phone, you can use different ringtones for different carriers.

You can click on available ringtones as shown below to set them as your preferred ringtone. You can also click on “silence” to silence notifications for incoming calls on the selected sim.

You can set up custom notifications for incoming calls by clicking on “open from folder” (if available) or”ring DIY” as in my case, you can then select any track as your ringtone.

Similarly, you can open your music folder (from files>music.) Long press on any music track, select “option” or the “ellipse button”. And select ” use as incoming bell ringtone/bell” as in my case.

To customise the notification tone for incoming messages, you can click on “message ringtones”, a list of available tones will be displayed as shown below:

Select your preference and exit, you can set up a custom tone for incoming messages by going to your music folder, long-pressing on the track, selecting the options menu, and selecting “set as message tone/bell”. If you have more than one sim card inserted, you may be prompted to select your preference, do so and hit on save or ok.

If your phone has the “crescendo” customization, you can enable it to allow incoming notifications to sound from low to high.

Step 5: You can customise other notifications from the “cue tone menu”, this includes enabling dial pad tone (a tone is played when you are on the dial pad) lock-screen sound (a tone is played when the screen is locked) and touch sounds (a tone is played when you touch the screen).

I hope you find this information helpful, kindly leave a comment if you had any questions.

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