How to Hide Applications on Android devices

You may need to hide an application on your android device for security, privacy or to keep some naughty stuffs out of prying eyes and may wonder of it possibility.

It’s possible to make some apps accessible to only you by hiding them from the main app menu and keeping it secured with passwords. Hiding an application makes it non-existent to others, who may gain access to your phone.

There are numerous ways to hide applications on an android device. Some android devices from brands such as Xaomi, Samsung, LG, OnePlus usually come with built-in launchers that enable the hiding of applications and therefore, save you the need for third-party launchers in hiding applications.

Irrespective of you have an android device with such a feature or not, this article provides you with the knowledge for hiding applications on all android devices, this is possible with the use of a third-party launcher.

Hide android apps

Steps to Hide Apps on an Android Device

You can hide applications on your android device using a third party launcher.

A launcher is essentially an android application that enables you to customize your screen, launch mobile apps and even make phone calls, they do come with extended functions, they can provide the function to hide and unhide applications.

One such launcher that is popular has good users’ reviews on the Google PlayStore and can be used by you in hiding and unhiding apps is the Launcher Galaxy S21 Style.

You can hide applications with this launcher by following the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install the launcher from the Play Store.

Step 2: Open the application and tap on any empty space in the home screen until a menu pops up.

Step 3: Click on the “Settings” Option.

Step 4: On the subsequent menu, scroll down and tap on the “Default Launcher Settings” option.

Clicking on that will request you to agree to some requests. This is to enable the Launcher Samsung S21 Style as your android device default launcher.

Step 5: Now, go back and launch your phone menu.

Step 6: Long tap on any application that you may want to hide until a set of options pop up.

Step 7: Tap on “Hide App” to hide the application. Note, the first time you try this, the launcher will request that you enter a password. Enter a password you can remember as you will need this to access or unhide hidden applications.

I hope you find this information helpful, please leave a comment if you had any questions.

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