How to find an Android wifi password and how to use your device as portable hotspot

You may be interested to know the passwords of wifi networks you are connected to. This information can be useful if you wish to connect another device to the same wifi but do not have direct access to the password information, in such cases, checking the password from your Android phone is the ideal solution.

Password information for wifi networks you are connected to are usually saved on your phone, but you can’t see this information at a glance.

To view the passwords for every wifi you are ever connected to on your phone, you can use google lens to reveal the network password from QR code.

Wifi password

How to view Wifi passwords using google lens

Note: The following step is for Android 9 and below, using stock android OS, if your device is using the android version 10 and above, it is simpler, simply go to settings>wi-fi

.Locate the network you wish to get the wifi password

.Tap the share button that can be found below the wifi name.

.Locate the QR code to see the plain password.

To locate the wifi password for phones running the Android 9 version and lower, you may consider the following step:

To follow this step, you will need to have an access to the QR code for the wifi network you wish to locate it password.

To locate the password information, you will need google lens.

Step 1: Download the google lens app from the play store and launch it.

Step 2: If you have the QR code on another surface, click on the camera icon to scan, but if you have it saved as an image on your phone, select it and google lens will scan it automatically.

Step 3: Expand the result to view the password for the wifi as shown below.

Note: A similar process can be followed using the google app, simply click on the lens icon to proceed.

How to use your device as portable hotspot

You may also be interested in how to use your device as a portable hotspot for wifi connection.

To do this, you must know the default password for your phone wifi, and change it to prevent unauthorized access, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and locate “tethering and portable hotspot”.

Step 2: Click on “setup WLAN hotspot”.

Step 3: Click on “show password” to reveal your hotspot password.

You can share your password with any device that wants to connect to your hotspot.

Step 3: To change your password, erase the default, input a new password and click ok.

You can share your new password with anyone to connect to your hotspot.

I hope you find this post helpful, kindly leave a comment if you had any question

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