How to Sign PDF Documents electronically without printing or Scanning them on Android

It’s a huge leap for businesses to accept signed documents digitally without the traditional fax method.

You may receive a pdf document requiring you to append your signatures and then forward it back, traditionally, the documents are printed, signatures appended, and rescanned before sending it back.

But you can equally append your signature to a pdf document without the hassle of scanning it, this can be done on any device

This post shows you how to sign a pdf document without first printing it on Android devices.

Sign pdf files

How to electronically sign a PDF document on Android

To electronically sign a PDF document on Android, we need a third-party app since Android doesn’t come with an in-built tool to accomplish this.

We recommend “Sign-Doc”.

Follow the steps below to sign a PDF document using Sign Doc.

Step 1: Download Sign Doc from the play store and launch it.

Step 2: You can upload a pdf file by either using the + icon or uploading it from the cloud by using the “cloud upload icon”.

Clicking the + icon will display every available upload option.

Click on “select pdf” to continue, here you can select the pdf file needing signature from your phone.

Step 3: Once the PDF file has been successfully imported, you have the option to add a signature among many others.

Click on the option to add a signature, you had the option to either draw a signature, scan an already drawn signature, or import from the gallery.

Here, I will be drawing my signature.

You can customize the color of your signature and it’s thickness from the color palette.

Once done, click on save design to continue.

Step 4: Here, you need to resize the signature to fit.

Now, move it to the appropriate position.

Click on the Save button once you are done.

You can sign on multiple pages by scrolling to the appropriate page from this screen.

Step 5: You can share the Signed document by clicking the share icon, or save it to your phone by clicking the three dots icon on the top-right corner, then save pdf to phone.

I hope you find this information helpful, please leave a comment if you had questions.

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