How to prevent your phone from Overheating: Tips and Troubleshooting

Your phone is prone to getting hot as a result of overuse (I.e, playing games) and an abnormally high-temperature environment.

Your phone derives its internal temperature from atmospheric temperature, and it is normal for your phone to be warm to touch, it is also normal if your phone became slightly hot due to heavy gaming, but if you are not engaged in a heavy activity but noticed your phone getting hot, you may need to do some troubleshooting.

An unusually hot phone may be due to the presence of malware in the phone or the presence of outdated or unhealthy apps on your phones (apps performing background processes without your consent).

Your phone can also get unusually hot when you stream movies or when you engage in heavy gaming.

This can cause a strain on your battery and may result in overheating this post explains how you can keep your phone from overheating and some troubleshooting tips in case you notice your phone overheats

Phone Overheating

How to prevent your phone from overheating

To prevent your phone from getting abnormally hot, we recommend the following tips.

1. Keep your Apps Up-to-date

An outdated app may cause some abnormalities which may affect your battery health hence resulting in overheating.

If you noticed an abnormal overheating, we recommend that you check your power consumption details, which can be located from settings-manage battery-power consumption details.

You will see the lists of apps that are consuming power intensively, these are the apps causing your phone to overheat, if this is unusual, you can update the apps.

If updating the app doesn’t fix it, you can try uninstalling it to see if that fixes the problem, if no fixes still, you may consider other tips.

2. Ensure your Phone is charging correctly

While charging, your phone produces heat, to allow the heats to escape, it is recommended to charge your phone on a smooth flat surface, with access to a good amount of air, charging your phone, while it’s being placed on a bed or couch isn’t recommended, as this can prevent a free flow of air.

It is also recommended that you use the manufacturer’s charger to charge your phone, and if this is not readily available, ensure the charger being used is of good quality.

3. Ensure you have an anti-virus installed on your phone

A major cause of overheating is the presence of malicious bots and bloatwares on your phone.

Malicious bots work in the background and depending on how they operate may cause a strain on your battery by using your network connection or downloading heavy files.

To prevent this, we recommend that you get a premium anti-virus solution that can protect your device from mal-ware attacks.

4. Avoid direct sunlight

Whenever you are outdoor or charging your phone in an open area, you should avoid sunlight getting directly to your phone as this can weaken the battery life and cause your phone to easily heat-up.

5. Keep your screen brightness to the minimum

Most of the time, your screen brightness intensity causes your phone to overheat, the more bright your screen is, the higher it consumes battery and this may cause overheating.

As can be noticed from the image below, my screen brightness accounts for most of my battery consumption at 45.5%

What to do when your phone Overheats

Whenever your phone overheats, you can consider taking the following steps

1. Troubleshoot the cause

To find a permanent solution, you should first consider troubleshooting the cause of your phone overheating.

If you are currently charging the phone, you can change the charging position to an area more convenient for aeration, you can take off the phone pouch if it has a pouch, you can also try disconnecting your phone from the charger to see if it will cool down.

You can check if there are outdated apps, try updating them to see if this fixes the issue.

2. Fan your phone

Fanning your phone to allow aeration can keep it temporarily cool pending when you can find a more lasting solution.

To fan your phone, concentrate on the opening to allow the breeze to reach the inner battery and motherboard.

3. Kill background processes

Background processes can cause your phone to overheat.

To kill background processes, you can either close all open apps or prevent background processes from settings.

To prevent background processes, you must enable developer option.

Go to settings>about phone and tap on the build number 7 times to enable developer option.

Once the developer option has been enabled, scroll down to Apps and enable don’t keep activities.

Once this is enabled, apps will no longer work in the background once you exit it, thereby protecting your battery and preventing overheating.

4. Visit an Engineer

If none of the tips above helps to keep your phone temperature down, maybe one of your phone hardware is outdated and needs replacing, we recommend visiting an engineer to get things fixed up.

I hope you find this information useful, please leave a comment if you had any question.

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