How to make free international calls: Apps for making international calls

Making international phone calls through the traditional mean (mobile networks) can be expensive, also to be considered is that connections aren’t always stable due to the distance.

This poses a challenge if you reside or study out of your home country, and you wish to communicate with your family and loved ones, even if you can conveniently cover the cost, the unstable network connection can be frustrating.

But you can make a hitch-free international phone call with a clear and stable connection, at no cost, except of course the cost of data in some cases which is a fraction of the usual cost.

This is possible with the use of internet communication apps which gives you the ability to communicate with anyone, from anywhere (at least in the countries supporting the apps) via text, voice, video, and calls.

In this post, I highlight some of the best apps to communicate with anyone internationally at no cost except the cost of your data.

Free international calls

Best Apps to make international calls for free

In no particular order, these include:

1. WhatsApp

2. Face Time

3. Skype

4. Telegram

5. Google Duo


WhatsApp is arguably the most popular app for internet communication, with over 5B users, you are not likely to encounter platform-dependences problems as both android and iOS users had an access to WhatsApp.

You can use WhatsApp to make voice calls and video calls to anyone in any part of the world, provided they had access to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also supports conference or group calls and group chats, allowing you to hang out with your loved ones at a time.

Face Time

Face Time comes defaulted with any Apple device, it allows you to make video and voice call for free, although older devices don’t support voice calls.

To communicate with an android or windows user, you can send a joining link once you start the call, all the recipient needs to join you is a modern web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Edge, or Chrome.


Skype is a free video and voice communication App from Microsoft, it is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS users, and it is available as software on Windows PC

Skype is specially developed for professionals, it includes features such as adding life subtitles to a video call, you can also share your screen with whoever you are communicating with.

Skype also supports free conference call (voice and video) for up to 49 people.


Telegram is another instant messaging App that supports free voice and videos call.

Telegram calls are encrypted, to confirm that your call is encrypted, you will notice four emoji’s on your screen during the call if the recipient can confirm similar emoji on their end, then your call is 100% secure.

Telegram also supports text messaging and group calls.

Google Duo

Google Duo is another excellent app for free international calls, it boasts superb call quality and durability.

Anyone with a Gmail account can join a duo call since it is available on major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and mac)

With Duo, you can leave a video message if the receiver is not available, you can also see a video preview of your caller before picking the call, among many other cool feature.

You can also reduce the amount of data used while making calls with Google Duo.

Although these Apps require Data Connection to use, it is way cheaper than normal call rates, and you can connect to public wifi to make your call, without spending a dime.

I hope you find this blog post helpful, if you had a question, kindly leave it in the comments box.

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