Know the businesses sending your data to Facebook, and how to prevent it

It’s no news that Facebook has an immense amount of data about you, this is obvious in AD recommendations on Facebook and feed recommendations.

What may come off as a surprise is that most of these data are uploaded by other businesses and organizations you interacted with off Facebook, these data are known as off-facebook activity data.

Businesses sending your data to facebook

What is off-facebook activity?

When you interact with apps and websites off Facebook, some of these apps and websites collect your data and share it to Facebook, this information is useful to show you more relevant feeds, groups, pages, marketplace items, and personalized ads.

Businesses and organizations also use these data to better understand their business performance and to recognize suspicious activities.

Businesses can collect these data by utilizing Facebook business integrations such as Facebook pixel and login, sensitive information such as health and financial data isn’t uploaded to Facebook

Activities that are tracked and sent include: logging into an app with Facebook, opening an app, searches, visiting a website, items added to wishlist and carts, making a purchase or donation, etc.

Sometimes, you may not recognize some businesses that must have uploaded your data to Facebook, this is because they are third-party integrations that may be integrated into a website you visited.

How to know the businesses that are uploading your data to Facebook

Having known how businesses upload your data to Facebook, you may be interested in knowing such businesses and organizations, this is useful to keep track of your off-facebook activities.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your browser and navigate to:

You can also navigate to this page from your Facebook app, go to settings and privacy>settings>off Facebook activities. You should arrive at a page showing a summary of businesses that upload your data to Facebook.

Step 2: Click on a business profile picture to view more details about the activities shared on Facebook

This app has sent a total of 110 of my activities to Facebook, we can also see a summary of how Facebook handles that activity.

You can prevent a business from sending more information to Facebook by simply clicking the turn off button, this is visible from the business lists and the business details

Similarly, you can batch-select the businesses from the list by using the select activity to turn off button

Once you’ve turned off future activity, these businesses will no longer be able to send information about you to Facebook.

Managing your off-facebook activity

You can clear the entire activity history to detach your offline activities from Facebook

This prevents Facebook from tracking you and showing you information based on your activities, to do this, simply downward once you open the off-Facebook activity page.

Another way to manage your off-facebook activity is to click on the more options button, where you can access your information by category, download your information and manage future activities.

I hope you find this information useful, kindly leave a comment if you had any questions.

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