How to change your google account Profile Picture

By default, your google account does not come with a gravatar in place of a profile picture, it instead capitalizes the first letter of your name and displays it across google platforms as your profile picture.

This text placeholder can be unattractive, and if you are the aesthetic type, it doesn’t denote your personality, but you don’t have to keep using the default placeholder if you don’t like it.

Google has made it possible for you to change your profile picture to your preferred choice

This post explains how to do that.

Google profile picture

How to change your profile picture from your mobile device

You can change your profile picture from the Gmail app on both Android and iOS devices

Step 1: Open your Gmail app and click on your profile icon, then manage your google account.

Step 2: on the manage tab, scroll once to the right (personal info) then scroll downward till you get to your basic info.

The first option in this section is your profile picture, followed by your name, date of birth, etc, but since we are only interested in how to change your profile picture, let’s concentrate on that.

Step 3: click on the profile icon to reveal two options, you can either take a photo or choose a photo.

If you decide to take photos, your camera will be used to take live pictures which you can use as your profile picture, but if you already have a picture saved on your phone that you wish to use, you can click on the choose photo option.

You will be taken to your gallery where you can then select your preferred photo and upload it.

Once set, you can safely exit as the profile picture is applied automatically.

How to change your Google Profile Picture from the Web

Using your PC, you can equally change your profile picture across google platforms.

Step 1: From your computer, navigate to and click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then click on manage your google account.

Step 2: From your account dashboard, click on personal information, then scroll down to Basic information.

Step 3: Click on the profile icon, then add profile picture.

You will be prompted to either upload a profile picture or take a photo, if you wish to take a photo, simply chose that option, but if you already have your preferred picture saved on your computer, you can chose to upload it.

Step 4: Once you select your preferred picture, you will be prompted to crop and rotate it.

Once satisfied, click on the save as profile picture button. The prompt below will come up, click on Got it.

Once done, your profile picture will update across google services.

I hope you find this information useful, kindly leave a comment in the comment box if you had any question

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