Discord New Subscription Plans Allow Creators To Monetize Servers

Discord has announced that it is starting to test a new Premium Memberships feature that will allow creators to monetize their servers. It is said that an initial pilot is ongoing with around 10 creators who will pave the way for Discord’s 150 million monthly active users to pay to access a range of channels or servers and support creators.

The popular chatting platform stated on Tuesday that it is launching a test run of a brand new feature that will allow creators that run servers on its platform to charge a monthly subscription for access to the creators’ channel.

Sumeet Vaidya, director of engineering at Discord explained that; “we see Discord becoming a home for more creators and communities through products like Premium Memberships by providing tools that let community creators earn money, more of them will run healthy engaged communities for longer periods.”

It was revealed that creators who run servers on Discord can charge anywhere from $2.99 to $99.99 per month for premium content, such as access to special channels within the server that are locked for non-paying members of the community.

Creators will soon be able to subscribe directly to Discord servers.

While Discord already has several integrations with Patreon, YouTube, Twitch, and other services that let subscribers on other platforms get special perks or privileges in Discord servers, Premium Memberships will be fully native to Discord. That means Discord also sets the terms of payments directly, and it has picked a 90 / 10 split with creators, allowing Discord communities to keep 90 percent of all revenue.

This new feature is not yet available for every creator. While anyone can subscribe to a Discord server membership, the feature on the creator-side is currently only available with communities that the company has chosen to test.

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