WhatsApp Rolls Out Shortcut For Fast Sticker Forwarding On Android

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new shortcut to let users quickly forward stickers to their contacts, coming days after WhatsApp had introduced a custom sticker maker for its desktop and Web users to let them easily create new stickers. The shortcut is only available on Android devices with a beta version but might be rolled out massively in the coming days.

As observed on WhatsApp for Android, beta version, WhatsApp has added shortcuts that let users forward stickers quickly and it also appeared for some beta testers on earlier versions.

The new WhatsApp beta update lets users quickly forward stickers.

The forward shortcut sits next to the sticker you have in your message thread to let you instantly share with others on WhatsApp. You need to tap the shortcut and then select the contact with whom you want to share your sticker. This cuts down the normal process where you need to tap and hold the sticker and then hit the Forward button from the top bar to share it with your contacts.

WhatsApp already has a forward shortcut for images that works similarly and helps you quickly share the images you have in your threads.
The shortcut can be accessed by downloading the latest WhatsApp for Android beta version after enrolling as a tester for WhatsApp on the Google Play Beta testing program.

Stickers have been used as one of the key sources to allow individuals to express themselves using small visuals and it also allowed third parties to build stickers for the app. It was introduced on Whatsapp around October 2018.

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