How to transfer eMails from Gmail Accounts to another eMail account

Ever thought of syncing emails between your work and private email account? This post teaches you how to do so, using Gmail.

Gmail sync

You can automatically forward all or some incoming emails from your Gmail account to another email account.

Note:  This setting is only available from Gmail for personal computers, you cannot do this in your Gmail app for Android or iOS.

Turn on automatic forwarding

– from your computer, go to

– login to your Gmail account, using the address that you will be forwarding the mails from, note that email forwarding can only be done on one email address, it cannot be done for a group. In the case, you are forwarding from a school or work address, you can contact your administrator to help with the next steps.

– from the top right, click on settings>all settings.

– just below the general tab, there is a forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, click on it.

– from forwarding, click on add a forwarding address.

– add the email address you will be forwarding the emails to, it can be from any provider, school, work, AOL, yahoo, Google. Etc.

– click on next>proceed>ok.

– a confirmation code will be sent to your email address, open the mail to retrieve the code, if you cannot find the mail, you can click on the resend button. Once you retrieve the confirmation code, input it in the box provided and click on the verify button.

– alternatively, you can click on the confirmation link in the email address, once the confirmation is done, a new option will appear. If you click on the confirmation link, you need to refresh your browser for this option to appear.

– from here, you can choose what happens to the forwarded email, you can choose to keep a copy, archive the mail or delete it. here, I have chosen to keep a copy of the mail in the inbox.

– once this step is done, you can save it by clicking on the save changes button at the bottom of the settings screen.

And that is it, you have successfully set up automatic forwarding from your Gmail account to another email address.

How to stop automatic forwarding

You may need to stop messages from automatically forwarding from your Gmail account, to do this, follow the steps below.

– from your computer, go to using the account you want to stop forwarding from

–  from the top right, click settings>all settings

– Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab is located below the general tab.

– click disable forwarding from the forwarding section.

– scroll to the bottom of the settings page, and click on save changes.

You can also view all messages in Gmail inbox from your mobile app if you have multiple account on your device.

Forward only some mail

If you don’t want to clutter your inbox with unnecessary emails, you can forward only the emails important to you by applying the filter. Following the steps above, go to the forwarding section. You will notice a tip notifying you that you can forward only some mail by applying filters.

– Click on the link to reveal the filter box.

– from here, you can apply filters to messages from certain addresses, and certain addresses, messages with specific subjects, messages with specific words, messages that don’t contain some keyword, messages with a size greater than or less than a specific size, and messages with attachment and without attachments.

– once you have specified your filter, you can click on the search button to reveal the matching messages, then save. Learn more about filtering from here.

Once the set-up is complete, you will see a forwarding notice on your email screen, this is to confirm that you are forwarding emails to another account, this notification will be deleted after seven days or if you turn off forwarding.

I hope you find this information helpful if you have questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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