Apple Plans To Launch An Autonomous EV In 2025 With A Custom Chip

Apple who seemly has no expertise in making vehicles has been reportedly having a big plan to make an electric vehicle that would also drive itself autonomously. The company’s new goal of making a self-driving car will be in four years.

Recalled that the Apple Car rumors have been going on for a while but the newest report reveals more details about Apple’s audacious car plans.

The company has decided to pursue a vehicle that would not feature steering wheels or pedals in what sounds like the most futuristic automotive project we’ll have ever seen. Moreover, Apple reportedly plans to launch its first-generation autonomous car as early as 2025.

As per reports, Apple has already figured out the custom chip that will offer customers a fully self-driving vehicle. Apple plans to start testing the chip and new sensors in the fleet of Lexus SUVs it’s been using to advance its self-driving car goals.

Apple to launch its self-driving car in 2025 with a unique chip.

The processor is more sophisticated than anything Apple has ever created. From the sounds of it, it’s unlikely that anyone in the industry is going to be able to compete.

According to engineers who are involved in the plan said that if Apple can’t hit its 2025 date, it might launch a car without all the same bells and whistles.

Apple’s business model for the proposed autonomous car hasn’t been decided yet but it seems that the company is trying to create a self-driving fleet to compete with Uber, Lyft, and Waymo.

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