Microsoft to Roll out an update to Teams that may help solve a major problem associated with working remotely

If you are working remotely, you will agree that receiving notifications in the middle of a meeting can be annoying. Microsoft seems to sympathise with Team users, and developing a more healthy working culture while working from home plans to roll out a feature update to Teams that gives the user more control over receiving notifications.

Microsoft is aware of the damaging effect of notification bombardments and is currently developing a new feature that will go a long way in correcting or minimizing the effect of this issue by giving Team users more control over how they receive notifications.

Although it has been proven more productive to work from home, remote workers also encounter their challenges, one of which is notification bombardments from third-party integration with digital collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, users may be distracted by notifications while in a meeting, and this can be a challenge. It not only affects users productivity but also their well-being as they are sometimes forced to work longer than necessary.

According to an update in Microsoft’s product roadmap, a new feature is being developed for the Microsoft Team that will afford users more control over their activity feed notification, this feature will allow users to change the notification type that appears in their activity feed, enables or disable all reactions, and choose apps that they wish to get notifications from.

The new feature should be available for preview, later this month and should go live for all users by December 2021. This feature will also work with a new feature in development, which will allow users to be able to turn off notifications during a meeting, this is done per meeting. I.e, users can turn off all notifications at the start of every meeting.

We think this is thoughtful of Microsoft, as it shows they consider the wellbeing and productivity of their users, we also think Team users, especially the remote workers will appreciate this feature. We will love to hear your thought also, simply drop a contribution below, and sure, we shall reply.

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