Firefox kicks as Microsoft Plans to block their workaround to changing default Browser, Says People deserve choices

A recent statement from Microsoft confirms an upcoming update to Windows 11 that will prevent users from changing the default browser, using Firefox workaround.

The default browser on the Windows 11 is the Microsoft edge, and even though users can change this to their preferred browser from settings, they are sometimes forced to use edge for some links using the edge protocol, and neither is the setting a straightforward one. This leaves little flexibility to users who might wish to explore the features of another browser.

But Firefox users can bypass this using a firefox workaround feature, the feature allows users to open a link in firefox regardless of if it is using the edge protocol.

This feature seems not acceptable by Microsoft, and calling it improper has confirmed that they will be rolling out an update to block the workaround, forcing links using the edge protocol to continue opening in edge, regardless of firefox settings, but users still have the option of changing their default browser.

In reaction to this development, Firefox says people deserve the choice to be able to easily change their default browser and that should be respected.

Microsoft also gives the reason for their decision. In a statement by a spokesperson, Windows offer some end-to-end   user experience in windows 10 and 11, some of which are the windows search experience, this is not designed to be redirected and if such redirection is noticed, a fix will be issued, hence the decision to block Firefox workaround.

This decision seems bound to take effect as neither Microsoft made any hint to consider Firefox opinion nor has Mozilla come up with an alternate solution either. Therefore, if you are a fan of Firefox workaround to deflecting edge, you should prepare to bid this feature a farewell.

The big question is, will firefox be able to come up with another solution? if they do, we are surely looking at a tug of war.

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