Twitter Rolls Out New Profile-Specific Search Icon for iOS Users

Twitter has started rolling out a new feature for iOS app users which will enable the users to search through a specific profile’s tweets. The new search button is showing up for individual profile pages, enabling users to search for tweets of a specific account only. This feature has been spotted on the latest version of iOS.

The micro-blogging social media giant which regularly tests new features before its official release recently announced a new way for some people to check out these new features faster than anyone else. The new paid Twitter Blue service will give you early access to some new features under the new Labs banner.

By clicking on the search icon, the user can enter the desired term. When you click enter, a screen similar to that of the existent search functionality shows up, but the search term will change to format From Username Term.

Twitter’s new feature will enable users to search specific tweets in one account and it currently functions only on iOS devices.

This new search button in profiles is just a shortcut to the existing advanced search feature that is available on all platforms. Twitter’s new search feature for profiles is showing up for us in our iOS app as well. This functionality is not available for Android users yet.

In another relation, Twitter is testing several new features for users, including a new change that would see the Twitter timeline go edge-to-edge for photos and videos on iOS. That change is being tested with a small group of users, and it’s currently unknown if it will be released to all Twitter users on iOS.

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