Samsung Set To Launch Galaxy S22 Series Early 2022

Samsung is said to be preparing to launch the Galaxy S22 series early next year. The next Samsung flagship series exact launching date is contrasting as per reports. Some news suggests that the new Galaxy flagships will arrive in January, while some others hint at a February launch. However, the possibility that the phones will be released in February is more than in January.

According to a reliable source, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022. The source claimed that based on the information it received, it’s confident that the Galaxy S22 will be unveiled in early February instead of the late January date that leakers have suggested.

The report noted that the release dates are subject to change, more so when you consider the current situation with semiconductor chips. The tech world is battling a chip shortage on a global scale. But the source of this information is quite confident that the Galaxy S22 is launching in February.

Galaxy S22 is to be launched probably in January or February 2022 and would likely be preceded by Galaxy S21 FE.

Also, a report which was released last week suggested that pre-orders for the phones could begin in the first half of February next year. So Samsung likely isn’t taking the phones much closer to Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, which is set to take place between February 28th and March 3rd in Barcelona.

In a separate report, we gathered that the launch of the Galaxy S22 series will be preceded by the Galaxy S21 FE, which will launch sometime in January 2022.

However, considering the ongoing semiconductor issue, we would advise you to take this information with a grain of salt. We would not be sure until Samsung officially announces the launch date. And that applies to both the Galaxy S21 FE and the Galaxy S22 series.

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