Roku Unveils Plan To Launch New Personal-use Developer Kit

Roku has unveiled a plan to launch a new independent developer kit that will allow developers to “experiment with and customize their devices” in personal-use capacities. The kit if eventually launched will hopefully lead to innovation around internet-of-things applications, such as connecting a Roku device to a thermostat or game development.

Roku made this known at its online developer summit during the week. The company said regarding the IDK that it’s Roku SDK will stay the first channel improvement equipment for business functions however mentioned that the brand new developer equipment “allows builders to discover the platform’s capabilities and personalize their Roku expertise.”

The company isn’t quite clear on how developers will use the new IDK, Roku’s VP of content partnerships Tedd Cittadine said during a keynote address, but its primary purpose is to help Roku continue to innovate its platform. Some applications might include building games that work specifically with the Roku remote or building apps to control smart home devices around the house.

Roku is on the plan of launching a brand new unbiased developer equipment that may permit builders to “experiment with and customize their units” in personal-use capacities.

However, the company did specify that IDK functions won’t be supported on Roku TVs, stream bars, or its legacy streaming gamers. Roku units can even be working on Roku OS 10.5 or larger. Along with the IDK launch, Roku introduced that it’s additionally launching a brand new beta channel software for builders to check their apps earlier than making modifications stay on the platform.

The company also affirmed that it will be removing non-certified channels from its platform by March of next year. These channels are SDK channels that are used for testing by developers.

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