Facebook Adopts A New Name

Facebook Changes Brand Name To Meta, First Time In Seventeen Years
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the social media giant will change the name of its holding company to Meta, in a rebrand that focuses on building the “metaverse,” a shared virtual environment that will be the successor to the mobile internet. This is the first time in 17 years that the company will be changing its brand name.

The CEO revealed the new name at Facebook’s annual AR/VR conference on Thursday, where he outlined the company’s virtual-reality vision for the future. He said that the sketch plans are to build the “metaverse” – a digital world built over our own, comprising virtual reality headsets and augmented reality. “We believe the metaverse will be the successor of the mobile internet,” Zuckerberg said. “We’ll be able to feel present – like we’re right there with people no matter how far apart we are.”

Facebook’s new brand name is Meta but all subsidiary apps retain their names.

Zuckerberg added that he expects the metaverse to reach a billion people within the next decade. He described futuristic plans to create a digital world, in which users will feel they are with one another and have a “sense of presence” despite being far apart.

It was also noted that the new holding company Meta will encompass Facebook, its largest subsidiary, as well as apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and the virtual reality brand Oculus.

The CEO affirmed that the company would continue to offer services and hardwire to developers at low cost or for free, in an attempt to attract a critical mass of people to the platform.

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