Apple Updates App Store Rules, Allows Developers To Contact Customers Directly Over Payment Methods

Apple has updated its App Store guidelines that include some key changes, one of which is that developers can contact users directly about other payments methods available outside their app. This is a result of a concession in a legal settlement reached with companies challenging its tightly controlled marketplace.

According to the App Store rules updated, developers can now contact consumers directly about alternative payment methods, bypassing Apple’s commission of 15 or 30 percent. They will be able to ask users for basic information, such as names and e-mail addresses, as long as this request remains optional.

Other changes observed in the update are explained that apps may request customer information like name and email, but the request must be optional for the user and shouldn’t prevent them from using the app.

Apple’s new update has made it possible for developers to contact users directly about other payment methods outside their app.

It should be recalled that Apple proposed the changes in August in a legal settlement with small app developers. However, the concession is unlikely to satisfy firms like Fortnite developer Epic Games, with which the tech giant has been grappling in a drawn-out dispute over its payments policy.

Epic launched a case aiming to break Apple’s grip on the App Store, accusing the iPhone maker of operating a monopoly in its shop for digital goods or services.

Aside from that, Apple has also faced is also facing investigations from US and European authorities that accuse it of abusing its dominant position as well as South Korea.

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