Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Rumored To Be Launched Early Next Year

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE which is supposed to have been released has now be stated would be launched in early 2022. The launching of the smartphone was believed to have been delayed widely believed due to the global chip shortage. It’s even been suggested that the phone might not end up being released.

According to reports, the new Galaxy S21 FE should hit the global market in January 2022. A report specifically claimed that the official launching date will be January 11.

Samsung is expected to host a standalone event around the first week of January 2022. If that’s the case, the January 2022 reveal date would make for some poor timing on Samsung’s part.

The company was expected to launch the Galaxy S22 series in January, so launching the S21 FE and the S22 series in the same month wouldn’t be ideal from a release strategy perspective.

Going by this suggestion, what the company can do is to delay the Galaxy S22 series launch to February or March instead. Alternatively, the firm could rename the Galaxy S21 FE in line with the S22 series (e.g. S22 Lite), making it a four phone lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be launched in early 2022. The release date was delayed due to the global chip shortage.

According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is an exciting potential option for anyone who wants some flagship-worthy features on their phone but doesn’t fancy paying the extra required for a Samsung Galaxy S21.

The smartphone is said will look much the same as the Galaxy S21 — the same central pinhole selfie camera, and traffic light-style triple camera array — but the camera bump will be part of the phone’s shell, rather than an extension of the phone’s metal frame, as it is on the S21.

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