Reports shows that the Next Apple Watch Might Be Delayed

The next Apple Watch has been reported to be experiencing manufacturing issues that could hinder the product from being released Into the market later than expected. The delay as per the report might be due to complexities in the smartwatch’s new design, which is rumored to include flat sides and bigger screens.

According to a trusted source, it is said that small-scale production for the next Apple Watch had begun but that it encountered “critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance.” which has made the production being delayed. However, Apple and its suppliers have been working to solve the manufacturing issues ahead of eventual mass production.

The new Apple Watch, expected to be called the Apple Watch Series 7, will see screen size increases to 41mm and 45mm (a 1mm bump from the currently available options), a faster processor, and “a flatter display and edges,”.

It was also reported that the new Apple watch will have new features “such as blood pressure measurement.”

Apple new watch will be called Apple Watch Series 7 and will include flat sides and a bigger screen

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 6 at an event last September, and the company is expected to host another September product event this year. Given these reported production challenges with the next Apple Watch, if Apple does host a September event, there’s a possibility the Apple Watch might not make an appearance.

Apple however didn’t confirm this report and didn’t respond to questions asked on its social media handles.

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