Nissan Partners Mitsubishi Set To Launch Electric Kei Car In 2022

Nissan has finally revealed that it will soon launch a new “electric mini-vehicle” into the market by early 2022 in partnership with Mitsubishi. This is confirming a report back in March that Nissan and Mitsubishi would have a new Kei car option which would be electric and probably based on the Mk concept presented in October 2019.

Nissan made this revelation on Friday that it would indeed sell a new “electric mini-vehicle” early in 2022 and it is said that the new Kei car will be developed by NMKV, a joint-venture between Nissan and Mitsubishi.

The two companies are specifically for the development of Kei cars and are extremely popular in their home country, Japan. It will have a 20 kWh battery pack which should be enough “to cover daily needs in Japan.

The measurement of the car is said would have a maximum of 3.40 meters in length, 1.48 m in width, and 2 m (78.74 in) in height, with a maximum power of 47 kW (63 hp).

Just like the Nissan Ariya, it will have V2G (vehicle-to-grid) capabilities, which will allow the little EV to provide energy for a house in case of a power outage. In a country like Japan, where earthquakes and other natural disasters may strike all of a sudden, that is quite handy.

The car if eventually hit the market would cost, according to the report, $18,185 in Japan and this has been confirmed by Nissan during the revelation as to when the car will hit the road.

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