Twitter Reveals Plan To Introduce A Way To Report “Misleading” Posts

Twitter has announced that it will soon introduce a way to report “misleading” posts responding to accusation made against many large social media networks of not doing enough to fight the spread of disinformation during the Covid pandemic and US election campaigns.

The company said this in its safety account that the feature which is currently a test, is only available in a few countries to begin with.

It was gathered that features is available in Australia, South Korea, and the United States and that some users in these countries will now see an option for “it’s misleading” when trying to report a tweet.

The tech giant said that the system may not have a significant effect and that they are still assessing if it is an effective approach that explains why they are starting small.

It further made it known that they may not take action on and cannot respond to each report in the experiment, but users input will help them tobidentify trends so that they can improve the speed and scale of broader misinformation work.

Currently, someone reporting misinformation must choose from options such as “it’s suspicious or spam” or “it’s abusive or harmful” – and then narrow that down to more specific sub-categories to make a report. Because the options are so specific, it can often be unclear which one to use.

Since the start of the pandemic, pressure has mounted on social media sites to do more to combat a wave of harmful falsehoods that have spread online.

For that reason, Twitter has focused on issuing suspensions and bans to accounts which consistently spread harmful Covid-19 misinformation when they come to the company’s attention.

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