Microsoft Hires Uber’s Former Executive, Manik Gupta

Microsoft Inc has hired Manik Gupta, the former head of product at Uber, in a renewed effort to boost Microsoft’s consumer apps.

This is according to a report which said that Manik Gupta will use its invaluable experiences to help Microsoft boost its customer experiences across all its services and he will specifically be in be responsible for Microsoft Teams consumer, Skype, and GroupMe, and he will report directly to Jeff Teper, Microsoft’s head of Microsoft 365 collaboration.

Gupta spent four years at Uber running the various teams that contribute to the Uber app, and he also oversaw product management for Google Maps for seven years.

Though Gupta has a lot of experience in maps, that’s not why he’s joining Microsoft. It is observed that the software giant appears to be keen to tap into his wealth of experience in consumer-focused apps.

Microsoft has been trying to acquire popular communities recently, including TikTok, Pinterest, and Discord. While all three services are very different, they all share a common community element which, outside of Xbox, Microsoft lacks.

Rivals like Google, Amazon, Facebook have all acquired big consumer apps like YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram, and Microsoft knows it needs something similar.

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