US Legislative Writes Amazon Over Palm Printing Recognition System

Members of the US Senate has written Amazon concern express concern about its palm print recognition system as revealed by a source from the Democrat Amy Klobuchar who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel office.

The source said Klobuchar was joined by Senators Bill Cassidy, a Republican, and Jon Ossoff, a Democrat and they expressed concern in the letter dated Thursday about both privacy and competition related to Amazon One.

Amazon began rolling out biometric technology at its Whole Foods stores around Seattle in April, letting shoppers pay for items with a scan of their palm. The system, called Amazon One, lets customers link a credit card to their palm print.

The lawmakers asked Amazon about plans to expand Amazon One, and to whom they had sold or licensed the technology. They also asked how many people had signed up for it, how the data is used and if it is ever paired with facial recognition systems.

Amazon hasn’t responded directly to the letter, however but pointed to a blog post dated April 21, which said that it was in “active discussions with several potential customers.”

The reference reads: “The Amazon One device is protected by multiple security controls, and palm images are never stored on the Amazon One device. Rather, the images are encrypted and sent to a highly secure area we custom-built for Amazon One in the cloud,”.

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