“Jet Suits Set Becomes Reality For Crime Fighting” Says Experts

Experts who attended demonstration of jet suits systems developed by Gravity Industries has said that sonner or later, police would began to use jet suits to fly in pursuit of criminals.

This statement was made at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory while Gravity Industries who developed a human jet suit system was demonstrating the functionality of the new technology.

Test pilot Richard Browning presented the system’s capabilities as part of a demonstration of emerging science and technology that could help fight crime and terrorism. In a fictional scenario, Browning flew rapidly through the air and tracked down a would-be assailant.

Chairperson of the National Police Chiefs’ Council Martin Hewitt, who was among those in attendance alongside Home Office officials said that the event presented some important and exciting opportunities to identify where that could be used in the policing world.

She further said that the innovation is “incredibly noisy” and quite “science-fictiony” however it was fascinating and showed lots of potential.

Richard Browning, who is also the founder of Gravity, said that it is always the same reaction – almost disbelief that one could see a human being moving in that way when only real reference point is probably a Marvel superhero film.

He continue saying that the application of Gravity is endless. It is to move specialist personnel in an urban environment quickly in a three-dimensional space, be it onto a rooftop, over a river or difficult terrain to contain a roving threat is really powerful.

Browning’s team at Gravity developed and launched their jet-powered flying suit back in 2017. In September 2020, the Great North Air Ambulance Service tested the jetsuit in the Lake District to support mountain search and rescue.

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