Uber Launches Operations in Columbia, Forms Alliance Eotu TaxExpress

Popular online hailing service, Uber has set to begin operations in Colombia has it forms alliance with with TaxExpress, a service that will be initially offered in Colombia’s capital Bogota and third-largest city Cali.

The service while announcing this on Wednesday said it will offer access to its platform to regular taxi drivers in Colombia and added that it is replicating a move it has already rolled out in other countries in Latin America and Europe since last year.

Reacting to the alliance with Uber, TaxExpress general manager Jose Hernandez said that in Colombia they are living through changes and searching for alternatives with former competitors is a part of that.

Prior before this time, Uber has faced serious challenges in Colombia amid accusations of unfair competition, which resulted in authorities ordering the company to halt operations in 2019, a decision which was overturned by a court last year.

The law in Columbia actually lacks clear regulation for ride-hailing apps. While other companies such as Didi and Cabify operate in the country, drivers have faced fines and other sanctions for providing ride-hailing services, as well as aggression from taxi drivers.

Uber Taxi has operated in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Spain since last year, representing a change of gear for the company amid regulatory challenges.

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