Google, YouTube Bow To Pressure, Consider Safer Online Environment for Children

Google and YouTube have finally responded to pressure from governments and campaigners to provide a safer online environment for children by announcing a suite of wellbeing and privacy changes for children on search and YouTube.

According to reports, Google is also planning to make changes to Google Search. New rules for Google Images will enable anyone under the age of 18 or their parent or guardian to request that their photo is removed from results.

YouTube on its side will make videos uploaded by users under the age of 18 will be set to private by default, which means that they may only be viewed by themselves and users who receive a link. However, the uploader can still choose to adjust the settings, if they wish, to make the content available to the general public.

Regarding data protection, Google will switch off location history – without the option to turn it back on – for all underage accounts. Previously, this feature has been limited to children with supervised accounts. It will also block ad targeting based on age, gender or the interests of underage users.

These changes according to Goggle will give children more control over their digital footprint and it will be rolled out to all Google products soon.

The changes observed are as a result of government and campaigners fight in ensuring that internet are friendly to use for children.

One of this is The Age-Appropriate Design Code, developed by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, which is forcing technology companies to thoroughly implement child safety in their services.

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