WhatsApp Working on Making Local Backups End-to-end Encrypted

WhatsApp is currently working on extending end-to-end encryption to local backups in order to enhance users security and it is said to arrive in a beta build of WhatsApp.

This is according to a report which has yet to be confirmed by Whatsapp itself as at the time of filing this report.

The source said that WhatsApp is currently working on enhancing security of its local backups by bringing end-to-end encrypted backups on Google Drive that would help people secure their messages and other content being uploaded on the cloud storage from any unauthorised access.

It added the new development will first arrive in a beta build of WhatsApp for Android.
It should be recall that before this time, the instant messaging app already has the same kind of encryption for chats and calls initiated through its platform.

However, by bringing end-to-end encryption to local backups, WhatsApp would eventually restrict third parties from accessing its locally stored backups on smartphones. The feature could be helpful to protect conversations from hackers who could remotely gain access to WhatsApp backups stored on the device.

Though, WhatsApp presently encrypts local backups to keep them protected from strangers, but these backups aren’t end-to-end encrypted, which means that they could be decrypted on a third-party device once they are being accessed by hackers.

If the plan of making WhatsApp local backups an end-to-end encryption succeeded, it will really make the instant messaging app become more reliable and stand ahead of its competitors.

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